Fresh HOT & COLD Snacks Delivered Daily!

mcphies express

WHAT...…….. Fresh Food & Drink You Want!
WHERE ……..Your Workplace!
WHEN………. Same Time Every Day!
HOW ………... By Not Having to Pre-Order!

 McPhies “EXPRESS” delivers direct to your workplace at the right time and the right temperature large varieties of both HOT & COLD snacks freshly made daily by us & arrives at your workplace in the correct hygienic environment.

Our “Express” shop features outstanding technological design & is custom built to the highest standards having both Hot & Cold temperature controlled fridges & hot Cabinets helping keep your favourite Sandwiches, Fresh Cream Meringues, Pineapple Cakes, Strawberry Tarts, Hot Pies, Sausage Rolls, Rolls & Bacon & Sausage as well as our own Fresh Home Made Vegetable Soup, Chilled Soft Drinks and many other goodies at the correct temperatures – Chilled or Piping Hot!

We will happily arrange to call at a suitable time so that staff & work colleagues can see the hypnotic draw at first hand of our “EXPRESS” shop and the range of delicious products that we are able to offer you. Then McPhies “EXPRESS” can come to your door at a time pre-arranged to suit your convenience every day!

Don’t forget that we can also deliver our popular bakery buffet service to your workplace or home. For further details on this please contact the bakery and ask for Sheena Ramsay.

 Let McPhies “EXPRESS” provide you with the food and drink YOU want!

 The same time every day!

 Without having to ring up and pre-order!

Please Call or email us &

book your free tour of our “EXPRESS” shop!

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Our Mobile Bakers Shop!


Express - McPhies Shop on Wheels!





WHAT DO WE STOCK?........see the massive selection below!

  • Hot Savouries including our World Famous Award Winning Scotch Pies
  • Hot Filled Rolls on Sausage, Bacon & Potato Scones
  • Chilled & freshly filled - Rolls, Sandwiches & Fancy Italian Breads
  • Our own Homemade Soups
  • Cakes; Danish pastries, Empire biscuits, Pineapple & Strawberry Tarts, Fresh Cream Cakes and many more delicious treats!
  • Chilled Milk, Cans and Bottled Soft Drinks
  • A selection of Walkers Crisps

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